Passion is the fire in our bellies. It is the tenacious way in which we tackle challenges and our ability to wrap technical, creative and problem-solving expertise in a blanket of enthusiasm and energy. It is our passion that makes each day a whole new kind of amazing.


Driven to “start something from nothing,” we apply new approaches, look at things from different angles and take calculated risks to come up with new insights. It ensures that we stay on the forefront of our industry and that we not only think conceptually, but act on new ideas.


We strive to better understand our clients’ businesses, stay ahead of the technology curve and deliver superior results. We indulge our curiosity by asking questions and seeking answers to enable us to be premiere subject matter experts.


We expect a lot of ourselves. We recognize that achieving excellence includes trial and error as well as overcoming the challenges and obstacles thrown our way. Excellence is not just delighting, but WOW’ing our clients and ourselves every day.

Who We Are + -

We are a young and passionate Johannesburg based startup in the process of building out and delivering a SaaS sports betting and CRM platform. We are extremely well funded and are currently focused on the rapid growth of both our product and engineering team. Though new to the scene, we are already servicing industry leading players.

The Challenge Ahead + -

The sports betting domain is a satisfyingly complex and challenging space to operate in, both in terms of features and the technology needed to solve the problems we encounter. This is a space where there will always be opportunity to innovate and grow, and we will not be idle in helping our team to be successful on behalf of the company and in their personal careers.

We are also a young company, and it will be expected that the people who join us at this stage will have a big impact on our culture, the product and our engineering decisions.

What Culture Means to Us + -

We are staunchly open, inclusive, collaborative, and empowered professionals working in a Red Tape free zone. Ideas can come from anywhere, and any idea can be critiqued by anyone. The corollary of this is that we do not become emotionally attached to our ideas, and are able to let them drop without damage to ego.

We also believe in sustainable development. We work hard and we have fun, but we also respect that we all have our private lives to enjoy.

Our Engineering Processes + -

We are fiercely Agile. At the moment we are not conforming to a particular Agile framework, as we are in the process of scaling up. We are more Kanbany than anything else right now, possibly with a move to Scrum as we mature.

We value clean code. Decoupled, framework agnostic, well architected software components make us happy.

We value tests. Our development is driven by tests where possible and practical. Tests make you faster.

DevOps. We are in the Microsoft/Google garage phase here. Except it is not a garage, it is some nice offices. Software Engineering does not end at merging to master.



The Basics are
Taken Care Of

Doing great work takes a lot of energy and focus, so we make sure your basic needs are taken care of. Expect a competitive salary, regular bonuses, employee ownership and unlimited leave.



Spend each day tackling fascinating and challenging projects built using a wide variety of tools. Expect involvement in the full product development process and the freedom to choose your own development tools.



Autonomy drives collaboration. Expect transparent leadership and self-managed teams full of smart, thoughtful, hard-working makers.



Purpose drives growth. Expect a culture that values craftsmanship, mentorship and collaboration. Expect paid professional development—books, conferences, association memberships, etc.


Technical Lead

Laurence Wilmore


Sales Director: Europe & Africa

Devon Solomon


Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Solomon


Full Stack Engineer



    Johannesburg Office

    17 Thoras Cres, Wynberg, Sandton, 2090

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    (+27) 11 083 7365

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