Full Stack Engineer

We are a young startup with solid funding in a technically challenging domain space and we are looking for a solid Full Stack Engineer. This is an opportunity to get involved at an early point of developing and rolling out a new SaaS platform, and as such, we need allrounders that can build across the stack as well as lay the foundations for good DevOps processes. Our aim is to keep building our high quality core team.

From a culture and team perspective, we want to foster an open and collaborative organization. We think that the way to do this is by leaving your ego at the door. Everyone should feel empowered to put forward their ideas, and to receive constructive feedback. Similarly, everyone should be comfortable with letting their ideas drop in pursuit of a team compromise. This is software – almost every decision requires a balancing of pros and cons.

We want engineers that aim to gain a solid understanding of the business problem domain that they are building solutions for. You are actively involved in helping the business identify and refine features in an Agile way. These means that quite often you are also a source of innovative features.

We need engineers that do not put themselves in silos, and who are capable of picking up the skills they need to solve the problem end to end. You can build a quality (if not entirely beautifully CSS’ed) SPA, design and implement the OpenAPI specification it needs and build the data persistence that underpins it all.

We are looking for someone that understands and appreciates the reasons for building code in a clean way. You naturally produce decoupled and well architectured software components.

We believe that writing tests is not a chore, but rather it is a key to building software that is easy to understand, refactor, and on board new engineers onto. You appreciate the value of engineering and testing discipline when it comes to being able to actually build quality software quickly.

We need Software Engineers who realise that their code needs to be running somewhere for it to produce any value. You do not throw your work over the wall, but you have a healthy interest in how your code is shipped and deployed and monitored in a way that lets us run a successful Agile software house.

We realise that all together this is a tall set of requirements, but if you think that you have the capability to fill these boots, there will be some good rewards.

– Competitive Salary.
– Work flexibility (guideline of 3 days a week from home)
– High impact role at an early stage of well funded startup.
– No dress code

**Desired Skill set:**
– Solid experience with type safe, object oriented language.
– Solid experience with one of the major frontend frameworks.
– Solid experience with variety of DB technologies.
– Solid experience with messaging systems.
– Containers and container orchestration.
– CI/CD pipelines
– Clean Code
– OpenAPI
– Infrastructure as Code


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